Let’s be honest…..

It’s OK to drink the kool-aid. but you have to listen to the little man in your head once in a while

Let’s be honest…..

Tom Brady flinched big time against the Jets in the playoffs. I am still mad as heck at him.

Tom Brady is getting soft and certainly does not like the cold weather, so there truly is not a home field advantage during the playoffs.

Pats fans only have about 3 more years left on the deal with the devil and then enter back into the waters of mediocrity. But, it’s been one heck of ride.

The Richard Seymour trade evidence still cannot be pieced together into a winning argument for the ‘defense’ team.

The Pats swung and missed with the bypassing of Clay Matthews in the draft – didn’t understand then how you pass on a Patriot type of guy (and I mean guy more than I mean player) then and certainly don’t now.

The season ticket holders don’t want an 18 game schedule – they want a FAIR price for the preseason games. Remember, full price for tickets @ minimum $80+, $40 for parking, $7 beers, $6 per meal, $5 for kids drinks, gas, tolls, souvenirs, etc. I can’t give them away sometimes and when I do, i usually give them $40 for parking because i feel so bad for them because they will only see TB for 3 minutes if they are lucky enough to beat the traffic, walk a mile, wait in line to be frisked, find the seats, get food because you’re starving and avoid getting beer spilled on you from Sully The Two Fisted Drunk Klutz drinking his 15th beer of the evening.


Logan Mankins IS being treated like a bag of dirt by the Patriots. Enough is enough, sign him or let him go.

Judging from the labor negotiations coverage, Robert Kraft may be more of a hard-nosed bastard than his public persona lets on. Maybe that’s why we NE fans have been so spoiled this decade plus (and why Mankins is being treated like dirt)

The Patriots organization may be a bit touchy. I posted a comment on the Giants PSL’s invoices going out while the lockout deadline was fast approaching on Profootballtalk.com (NBC Sports) – a great site btw – and referenced the NE Patriots not responding to an email I sent to them inquiring about the plans for the season ticket holders in the event there is a lockout. I instantly got lots of hits to my brand new site where the only traffic I get is my own footprints. I am checking everyday to see if they pulled my 2011 ticket package from me.

The Patriot’s D line is sucking wind.

President Obama seemed to have spoken for the NFL fans when he sarcastically commented on the labor issue.

The Boston Globe Sports has slipped in the past year. Granted, I only access the on-line version, but it is no longer my first source for Boston sports news. Too much delay in reporting fresh news, not as many interesting articles – very stale. Something has slipped over there and the free ride on past reputation is running on its last leg.

One bright spot for the Globe – I think Eric Bedard is an excellent writer in covering the Pats. A great replacement for the stinging loss of Mike Reiss. Eric’s days will be numbered for sure as someone in the national media will grab him as soon as they can.

Sports coverage: The Rap Report is always a must. Karen G does a good job, but Mike Reiss is tops.

The Red Sox fans, flush with talent, seem lulled into doing a Yankee doodle – just waiting for October to get excited.

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